Bewise & Pomeroy Pacific – An East / West Corporate Success Story


This month’s Asian Executive featured internationally-based company, Bewise and Pomeroy Pacific, after making national headlines this year with their decisive acquisition of two major off-market development sites west and southeast of Melbourne. Bewise acquired 82-96 Hampstead Road in Maidstone for a reported AUD$41.5 million shortly after snapping up the well-known PMP Printing site in Clayton for a further AUD$51.5 million.

Under the expert guidance of Pomeroy Pacific, the process surrounding these strategic acquisition is an exemplar case study in how foreign developers’ should approach property investment into Australia.

In this uplifting Christmas interview with Chris Cheung, Bewise Group Chairman and Cameron Jones, Pomeroy Pacific Acquisition Director, we discuss how Chinese investors considering acquisitions in 2017 can take confidence in the fact that their major investment decision ought not to be a hit-and-miss affair when undertaken with the right local Australian Acquisition and Delivery Partner.

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